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Use high-quality elements of nature
Plant light care brand

 To simplify complex skincare procedures,

The unique natural plant scent can protect the body and soul, creating a new realm for skincare.
With a good brand heart and execution
To write our brand story

The term is taken from "We Insist Tree".

It represents a new attitude towards life, creating the most perfect skincare system for you that live a busy life.


The long wait is just to be a good friend of the skin.
Pursue the essence and abandon the superfluous


Based on natural purity, through natural ingredients, From the source to the product, pure raw materials, and pure formulas are used to ensure the purity of the product. And it took several years to research and modify the formula repeatedly so that the world can see the level of our intentions and the quality standards required.



The long wait is just to be a good friend of the skin
Pursue the essence and abandon the superfluous


Beauty should not just be the pursuit of the surface, it is recommended to people who value the optimization of High-performance, natural and pure, you use it if you don't have time for more maintenance.


Aesthetic touch, just right, light and fashionable,
Simple but not so simple


We customize a set of high-spec review standards,

From packaging, bottle body, texture, inner material, aroma, use experience, etc., 

We only choose the best quality, 

You can feel our professionalism and persistence in every bottle of product,

Accompany you with the perfect feeling from the first day of opening the box to the end.




給To give you the best, the skin feels pure and natural honestly.


Committed to achieving a safe and harmless "green maintenance"

From the smallest details one by one adjustment, rigorous manufacturing process,

Let the skin's health needs and the environmental balance perfectly and harmoniously.


Less maintenance, less burden, more perfect skin
How much maintenance is needed to have good skin quality?

In fact, if you find products that suit your skin, you can bring healthy,

Maintenance is not much, but quality.



Strict inspection, honesty and openness, let beauty come from peace of mind.


From the source of raw materials to manufacturing, strictly control high quality.

All products of the whole series have been tested by the human body and resistant to allergies. 

At the same time, it has passed the SGS inspection and purchased product liability insurance of TWD 10 million.

Let everyone feel safe to use Weitree Products.